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Aired them out during the break, but Bishop Amat's huge front line kept shutting them down at one end and scoring whenever they wanted at the other. Toward the end of the buy instagram followers second quarter, with his mates behind by 23, Saunders decided he'd had enough. Riley was posting up, using his double-wide backside to carve himself a little room for a shot when Saunders grabbed him and slammed him into the floor. It wasn't all that difficult. Riley was leaning into the free-throw lane, and Saunders used his opponent's size and momentum to body-slam him. He was surprised at how soft Riley was. The decidedly partisan crowd fell silent at the shock of what they'd just seen. I have more if you want it, you freak, Saunders hissed at the dazed giant before trotting back into the game. Saunders spent the third quarter taking every cheap shot he could think of at Riley, and the two got tired of it and began throwing punches in the fourth quarter. Saunders got the crap beat out of him and both combatants were kicked out of the game. But Saunders' newly-energized team put together a comeback before losing by three points. For the next few weeks, Saunders wore his bruises and broken nose with pride. The clipboard was out and Saunders was back on his feet pacing, doodling, thinking. If he got lucky he may be able to wheedle $50,000 out of McCarty, about a buy instagram followers tenth of what he figured the job could cost. That kind of low-balling wouldn't work, he knew that. Screw it. Saunders mentally reviewed his own contract, written with his standard out clause. He could give a month's notice, and walk out without even being singed. He might have to spend valuable time explaining that the contest was not his idea, which would be more a pain in the butt than a deal-breaker. Besides, since the evening Riley challenged him on the basketball floor, Saunders never backed down from anything. He wasn't about to start now. Suddenly, a thought. Mr. Fizz never had the tightest accounting system around, and Saunders never felt any rush to fix that. In the early going, when the company was still hemorrhaging money, he decided to leave that option open in case he had to juggle numbers to make things look better. A last-resort, one-time-only option, but it was there. How much cash could he move around without it being noticed for at buy instagram followers least six months? He slid into his desk chair. When he first received it, he had the armrests removed so he